Interactive stories made exclusively for children for use on mobile devices - Little Deer is storytelling with forest animals exploring mathematics, science, technology, and engineering (STEM) concepts in fun and original ways.

HoneyDee Labs’ “Little Deer” is a series of
interactive story apps comprised of beginner stories for young children to explore nature with discoveries about life and scientific research. Kids will explore Little Deer’s world with friendly forest animals, calming classical music, and one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn illustrations.

Stories on the go!

  • Touch and tap through interactive cinematic scenes
  • Read entertaining stories with Little Deer’s delightful forest friends
  • Listen to calming background classical music
  • Enjoy vibrant, fully hand-drawn illustrations
  • View clear, colorful text for easy reading
  • Explore charming, imaginative landscapes
  • Follow Little Deer’s adventures independently; each story is stand-alone

In select stories, children can do simple projects and experiments with Little Deer’s easy-to-follow instructions at the end.

Welcome to the world of Little Deer! 


​About the continuous glucose monitor!

In this story, Little Deer and his friends become interested in learning about continuous glucose monitoring systems - what they are and what they can do!

​​​Little Deer, the engineer, and the paper airplane

Little Deer's first story!

Little Deer is a budding engineer who lives in the Land of Willow Trees. He has a whimsical workshop where he likes to examine, research, and build things. In this story, his best friend, Mechanic Monkey, sees a real airplane fly high in the sky and Little Deer decides to make a paper one. Follow along on their quest to assemble materials and make a paper airplane!


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​About planting and seeds!

In this story, Little Deer and his friends become interested in learning how apples grow. Join them as they collect apples and plant an apple tree!