About HoneyDee Labs

HoneyDee Labs is a tiny company located in sunny Texas, creating an interactive, delightful world of little forest animals exploring STEAM topics through adventures in learning.

children's interactive story apps about a little deer engineer



Little Deer, the Engineer, and the Magic of Storytelling

HoneyDee Labs

As a child, was there a story that had a lasting impact on you?

Becoming digital is not necessarily a bad thing. But, sometimes overexposure to technology may not be good for children (and adults)! Studying the world around us, exploring different environments, researching natural wonders, and connecting with each other & other forms of life can help make life more exhilarating, interesting, and meaningful. 

Sometimes online content may not be a healthy influence on our children. Little Deer Engineer's apps are meant to encourage reading,writing, research, and questioningin kids. We aim to bridge the gapto ebooks in a safe, positive way. The apps are interactive so kids may engage with reading through touch, but also encourage parents to read with their children. Additionally, through simple projects and experiments, children will learn about the building blocks of lifeand scientific research

About Little Deer Engineer's interactive story apps:

  • Beneficial for the environment, they have no physical footprint
  • Initially developed for kids in hospitals
  • Meant to be read to young children by an adult
  • For children ages 3-5
  • No in-app purchases, ads, or offensive content
  • Friendly, calm, open-minded characters
  • Soothing classical music
  • Real world projects for parents and children to encourage learning
  • ​Supports parent-child bonding and positive relationships